Sika Design

est. Horsens, Denmark, 1951

Sika Design was established in Horsens, Denmark in 1951 and were the Danish pioneers in revolutionizing the production of rattan furniture by creating new methods of working with this sustainable material. They perfected the art of wicker working, focusing on what was to become Sika’s identity - comfort, quality, and design.

Sika has revitalized iconic pieces of furniture from some of Denmark’s most important architects and designers. Arne Jacobsen and Viggo Boesen were all pioneers of their time when they broke new ground by making experimental and sculptural shapes with the sturdy materials of rattan and wicker that would go on to become timeless icons. With great respect and admiration for the original designs and in close collaboration with the descendants of these renowned designers, Sika is able to bring these icons back to the general public once more

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  • Arne Jacobsen Charlottenborg Chair
    Arne Jacobsen Charlottenborg Chair
  • Viggo Boesen Fox Chair
    Viggo Boesen Fox Chair
  • Viggo Boesen Outdoor Fox Chair
    Viggo Boesen Outdoor Fox Chair
  • Viggo Boesen Teddy Footstool
    Viggo Boesen Teddy Footstool

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