Viggo Boesen designed a number of pieces of modernist profiled wicker furniture based on the strength and durability of rattan. The Fox Lounge Chair, designed in 1936, was his first rattan piece and won him the design competition that the Danish wicker-maker guild held that same year. His inspiring and imaginative designs made him unique, putting him among the designers of the “Danish Golden Age”. Smooth and solid with elegant curves, the Fox Lounge Chair is made entirely out of Natural Rattan, a climbing plant that grows as a vine in the rainforest. A natural and sustainable material, rattan is a non-hollow material, and is capable of handling a range of temperatures and humidity levels, making it extremely adaptable to the indoors and outdoors. Sika Design is proud to be the first maker to bring a Viggo Boesen design back to life. / / / For questions, please contact modernlink to speak with a design expert for advice and consultation. For rattan care, wash with water mixed with mild soap, using a sponge or medium brush to remove any stains. / " id="description" name="contact[description]">

Viggo Boesen Fox Chair

by Viggo Boesen for Sika Design

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