/ The F Chair is a contemporary shaker chair by Danish furniture artist and designer Rasmus Bækkel Fex. It carries the folksy simplicity and honesty of the archetypical shaker chair, but with a clean cut and a minimalistic appearance. Traditional Danish woodturning skills are complemented by a Natural Paper Cord seat, hand woven to create a bespoke geometrical pattern unique to each chair. The F Chair is proudly crafted at Brdr. Krüger’s workshop in Værløse, Denmark. / / / F Chair without Armrest is shown here in Oiled White Oak. For questions and finish options, please contact modernlink to speak with a design expert for advice and consultation. / " id="description" name="contact[description]">

F Chair without Armrest

by Rasmus Bækkel Fex for Brdr. Krüger

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