Reminiscent of the work of artist Donald Judd, Reflect is an elegant mirrored coffee table that plays with the optical effects of reflective materials and simple geometry. The combination of glass and mirrored surfaces creates interesting double reflections and extended perspectives. The table can be moved easily on its high quality casters, and has significant storage capacity for books and magazines under the main top surface. The tempered glass materials are highly durable and easy to clean. Two sides of the box are open allowing objects to be placed on top of the mirrored surface for storage or display and the wide top surface is strong enough to support heavy objects. Designed in Canada, the Reflect Coffee Table is made in Italy to the highest standards of fine Italian craftsmanship. / / / For questions, please contact modernlink to speak with a design expert for advice and consultation. Reflect Coffee Table is approved for commercial use. / " id="description" name="contact[description]">

Reflect Coffee Table

by Niels Bendtsen for BENSEN

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