William Lee

est. New York City, USA, 1998

modernlink is a New York City based design shop, founded by William Lee, that focuses on 20th century Danish arts and design. In 1998, Lee opened modernlink as a mini furniture shop within ABC Carpet & Home. Six years later, he moved into his own space on Bond Street in NoHoAfter studying Classics and Ceramics at Syracuse University, Lee studied design at the Rhode Island School of Design. Named after an exhibit about Eastern influences on Western furniture that Lee saw in Oslo, modernlink is a personal reflection of his keen eye for design. Lee’s fascination with modernism lies in the idea of moving away from a throw-away culture to celebrate timeless products that stand the test of time.

Lee produces a small furniture collection every year, which seeks to invoke the best of modernist influences - crystalline logic, functionalism, and attention to detail combined with his concerns with comfort, lifestyle, and simplicity. Each piece is crafted with master cabinetmakers in Denmark, made with the same labour intensive techniques inherited from the Danish modern movement. In addition to design, Lee frequents Denmark to source and carefully refurbish rare Danish modern furniture, from the turn of the century through the 1970’s. With the help of master Danish craftsmen and cabinetmakers, Lee restores these Classics to their original and pristine condition. modernlink also carries a curated selection from contemporary Danish makers who still manufacture with the same fanatical attention to detail and who embody the mid-century Danish philosophy of balance, simplicity and honesty in design.

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  • ML 45 Sideboard
    ML 45 Sideboard
    by William Lee for modernlink
  • Shearling Pillow
    Shearling Pillow
    by William Lee for modernlink
  • ML 55 Coffee Table
    ML 55 Coffee Table
    by William Lee for modernlink

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