Brdr. Krüger

c. Copenhagen, Denmark, 1886

In 1886, brothers Theodor and Ferdinand Krüger founded a woodturning workshop in Copenhagen. Today, Brdr. Krüger is a self-producing design and production company that has become a leading Danish maker, where the commitment to woodcrafting traditions has been nurtured for over five generations, ensuring the same high quality in every piece that leaves this still-family-owned workshop.

Brdr. Krüger's design DNA is born out of the aesthetics of the mid-century Danish modern movement, reinterpreted for a contemporary audience. By working in close partnership with prominent Danish designers and architects of the times, Brdr. Krüger brings a new turn on tradition with the same design philosophy of its predecessors: honest design that is simple and functional in natural materials, that appeals across generations.

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    ARV Chair
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  • ARV Chair with Armrest Upholstered
    ARV Chair with Armrest Upholstered

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