/ Kay Bojesen is a Danish design company, owned and run by the youngest granddaughter of Kay Bojesen. Based on a national design treasure, Bojesen offers intelligent design where form and function combine with the poetic. Bojesen’s (1886-1958) design philosophy was “Great design is something that everyone is entitled to”. The creative team regularly dives into the Kay Bojesen archives to find inspiration for interiors and tableware that haven’t been in production since Kay’s lifetime. / / / The Porcelain Wing Tray is one of these objects. This harmonious Tray is perfectly suited for everyday use, entertaining, or sculptural display. Kay Bojesen's Wing Tray is part of the Porcelain Tableware Collection. / " id="description" name="contact[description]">

Kay Bojesen Porcelain Wing Tray

by Kay Bojesen for Kay Bojesen

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