The Grand Prix Ice Tea Spoon, also known as the Latte Spoon was designed with extra length to reach down and stir the sugar at the bottom of a tall glass. Designed in 1938 by Danish craftsman Kay Bojesen, the Grand Prix Ice Tea Spoon is part of an elegant, highly functional and ergonomic cutlery series. With soft and harmonious shapes, each piece is designed to fit the human hand and mouth; their aesthetic being secondary to their functionality and convenience. In 1951, Bojesen’s silverware took the first prize at the world exhibition in Milan and was therefore named “Grand Prix”. / / / The Kay Bojesen Ice Tea Spoon is available in Matte or Polished Stainless Steel and is made in Niigata, Japan. / " id="description" name="contact[description]">

Kay Bojesen Iced Tea Spoon

by Kay Bojesen for Kay Bojesen

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