Turning Tray was designed in 1956 by Danish architect Finn Juhl out of his desire for a practical alternative to elaborate silver platters and cheap plastic trays. Based off of his original drawings, the Turning Tray bears his trademark aesthetic with two glossy and contrasting coloured laminate sides, held together by a curved teak frame with carefully crafted corner joints. The two sides allow you to turn it over and choose between the colours. / / / The FJ Turning Tray is available in three different sizes and 4 color variations, all with black as contrasting back side, and is devoid of handles for a clean and modern look. FJ Turning Tray is part of the Finn Juhl collection by the Danish manufacturer ArchitectMade. / " id="description" name="contact[description]">

Finn Juhl FJ Turning Tray

by Finn Juhl for ArchitectMade

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