Collection: Contemporary

Brdr. Krüger in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Loft Sofa with Wood Legs
    Loft Sofa with Wood Legs
  • Metro Chair
    Metro Chair
  • ML 45 Sideboard
    ML 45 Sideboard
  • Neo Sectional
    Neo Sectional
  • Neo Sofa
    Neo Sofa
  • Pre Swivel Chair
    Pre Swivel Chair
  • Pub Chair
    Pub Chair
  • Radii Bench
    Radii Bench
  • Radii Dining Table
    Radii Dining Table
  • Reflect Coffee Table
    Reflect Coffee Table
  • Side Tables
    Side Tables
  • Sleeper Sofa
    Sleeper Sofa
  • Stax Chair
    Stax Chair
  • Tokyo Chair
    Tokyo Chair
  • Torii Chair
    Torii Chair
  • Torii Counter Stool
    Torii Counter Stool
  • U Sofa
    U Sofa
  • U Turn Swivel Chair
    U Turn Swivel Chair
  • Viggo Boesen Fox Chair
    Viggo Boesen Fox Chair

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